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Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder)

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Adhesive capsulitis can also be known as a frozen shoulder, painful stiff shoulder or periarthritis. It is a condition where the connective tissue that surrounds the joint becomes inflamed, leading to fibrosis and a restriction in all movement. Adhesive capsulitis goes through 3 phases, the 'freezing' phase, the 'frozen' phase, and the 'thawing' phase, and each phase can last anything from 4-12 months. During the freezing phase, the joint capsule gets progressively stiffer and more painful. The joint stiffness remains during the frozen phase but may become less painful, eventually starting to ease off and return to normal during the thawing phase. The Heal My Injury Treatment Plan is designed to try and ease this process, while supporting you through each phase of the condition.

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