Dramatic Dance




A unique body mobility methodology

Our head of Body Science, Scott Poundall, is a qualified osteopath with nearly 20 years’ experience in his field, spending his whole career split between private practice and elite level sports, working with international athletes from sports such as sprinting, football, ice hockey and boxing. During this time he has worked with a variety of other professionals such as physiotherapists, doctors, chiropractors, sports specific coaches and strength and conditioning coaches, learning from each and everyone of them.

This experience has enabled him to develop strong diagnostic skills and muscle and joint pain, and a thorough understanding of human movement and function down to the finest detail. This knowledge has lead him to develop the Agile Body Science method.

Based on this knowledge of human function, the Agile Body Science method can identify any dysfunction in the way your body is moving, diagnose any aches and pains, and understand how your body may be causing or compensating for any of your ailments. Once this has been identified, this methodology can be used to create a bespoke program specifically to your needs to help ease areas of pain or tension, strengthen weak areas, and correct any compensatory movement patterns.