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Why rest might not make you better!

It is a common thought process that when something hurts, if you rest it then it will feel better and then you can get back to normal activity. Whilst this is true in some cases, in other cases, it may be actually slowing down or preventing the recovery process.

Science and our understanding of how the body works is constantly evolving ( . Initially, thinking was when something became inured, we applied the RICE method, which stood for rest, ice, compression and elevation. It was then realised that there was a need to protect the injured area via split or bracing, so a P was added to the acronym and PRICE was born. These concepts were all very relevant when it was thought that rest was the key to injury recovery, but as our understanding of the human body grows, it was realised that the body heals through exercise and movement.

POLICE became the process to follow when this need for exercise and movement was realised. The rest element of price was removed (R) and replaced with optimal loading (OL) which is there to encourage you to move and use the injury as best you can in a safe and effective way. Around the same time that POLICE was being used, we the science and medical community was starting to learn that loading and using tissues was a significant part of tissue healing and regeneration within our body (

In around 2019 further research had elaborated on this concept further ( and PEACE and LOVE developed to address the need for a smoother process from rest to recovery of injury.

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