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Exercise or medication

In todays world it is very easy to make your pain go away with one of the many choices of medication available. Ibruprofen for example, reduces the inflammation, thus reduces the heat and irritation that swelling brings to an area, thus reduces pain. Paracetamol, decreases the amount of pain you are feeling by weakening the sensation. But how does it all work?

One thing that is undeniable is that the body heals through putting healthy amounts of movement and weight through it. Too little weight, and it won’t have any effect (just like not taking enough medication) to much weight or movement, and some thing could break and cause strains and sprains to the muscles, ligaments or joints. Its important to get the amount of exercise, movement or weight just right. Sometimes we are too scared to put weight through an injury, which makes us hypersensitive to the pain and prevents us from putting the right amount of weight through it. If medication reduces the pain, we can now start to put a healthy amount of weight through it to start the healing process.

The key point in here though is that there is a difference between pain and healing. If you cannot feel as much pain, has it healed? Or are you just not as aware of it? This is why to have sustained improvements in your health and injury recovery, you need to be implementing some form of exercise. Studies have shown that exercise helps to decrease sensitivity to pain , reduce inflammation and improve the healing process. The key, as mentioned above, is to get the right amount of exercise.

Our treatment programs are designed specifically with this in mind. Ensuring that the exercises are given to you in the right order to ensure optimal healing and enabling you to return to the activities you love ♥️

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