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Acromial Clavicular Sprain Grade 1

An acromial clavicular joint sprain is damage to the ligament fibres that attach your collar bone to the bony tip of your shoulder known as the acromion.

Ligaments are made up of thousands of fibres and the grade of the sprain reflects how many of those fibres have torn. A grade 1 strain only has a small number of fibres torn, and the remainder of the healthy fibres are typically capable of carrying out normal function While the damaged area heals. The damaged element of your ligament will take approximately 6 weeks to heal, however, there should be more than enough healthy fibres to compensate for this and it is not unusual for you will be back to full function more quickly.

If your injury has occurred within the last 7 days, it is more likely that your pain is due to the inflammation present to clot any damage to the area to start the healing process rather than a reflection of the level of sprain that has occurred. This initial process typically lasts around a week then starts to settle down.

The Heal My Injury Treatment Plan has been prescribed to help reduce the inflammation, improve function, and rebuild strength to the strained area.

Treatment Plans

Our treatment plans are designed over three phases. Click the link below to get started with your personal treatment plan:

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