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Soft Tissue Injury Grade 2 (Hip)

  • 42Days
  • 325Steps


A soft tissue strain refers to pain caused by injury to a muscle or ligament. The damage to tissue fibres will cause inflammation, pain and weakness in the area. A grade 2 strain means nearly half of tissue fibres torn in the effected muscle or ligament, which results in weakness and pain. Tissue healing time for this injury typically lasts around 6 weeks, and it is important to follow the advice to progressively load the tissue to ensure optimal healing and restore the overall function of your hip. During roughly the first 7 days of your injury, large amounts of inflammation will be present to clot any damage to the small blood vessels in the area. After this process, inflammation will reduce but continue to be present as part of the process which brings scar tissue to the area to repair the damage to the tissue. It is important to allow this process to happen, and make sure that the tissue laid down is as flexible and robust as possible. The damage will lead to weakness in the area, so it is important to follow The Heal My Injury Treatment Plan through to allow you to return to full strength.

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