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Disc (Hamstring)

  • 42Days
  • 241Steps


A disc injury can be known as a herniated, protruding, bulging or slipped disc. Ultimately it refers to some level of damage to the fibres that make up the outer layers of your disc. The pain is caused by the swelling to the damaged area, and the muscle spasms that are there to try and protect you from further damage. If the disc is swollen or damaged enough, it can impinge on the nerve as it leaves your neck, which will lead to pain down one of your legs. When this occurs, symptoms can include weakness and sensations such as sharp, shooting, or aching pains, numbness, pins and needles or tingling. The image demonstrates a healthy and damaged disc. Through a series of gentle exercises, The Heal My Injury Treatment Plan aims to reduce the compression, the inflammation and resulting pain.

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