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Peroneal Tendinopathy

  • 42Days
  • 332Steps


Tendinopathy refers to a failed healing response to the tendons, which in this case is your peroneal tendon. The peroneal tendon crosses the outside of your ankle joint inserting at the foot, and its primary function is to provide stability to the outside of the ankle. Tendons are a fibrous stretchy tissue that attach muscles to bones and transmit the forces made by muscle contraction into movements. When you have tendinopathy, the tendon has become irritated and worn, which causes pain when this part of the tissue is stressed or compressed. Rest alone is unlikely to enable a full recovery. The key to recovery is to improve the overall joint function to allow ease of movement and put healthy loads through to tendon to promote the appropriate healing response. It should also be noted that as you work through The Heal My Injury Treatment Plan, it is important to remember that the aching pain will likely be the last thing to resolve. Increase in activity and function is the main guide to successful progressions in healing response.

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