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Grade 2 Strain (Tricep)

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A grade 2 muscle strain is damage to the fibres of your triceps muscle. Muscles are made up of thousands of fibres and the grade of the strain reflects how many of those fibres have torn. A grade 2 strain means nearly half of the muscle fibres are torn which results in weakness and pain. If your injury has occurred within the last 7 days, it is more likely that your pain is due to the inflammation present. This inflammation stops any bleeding in the damaged area and allows the healing process to start, rather than a reflection of the level of strain that has occurred. This initial process is known as the acute phase and typically lasts around a week and then starts to settle down. Tissue healing time for this injury typically lasts around 6 weeks and it is important to follow the advice to progressively load the tissue to ensure optimal healing and restore the overall function of your muscle. The Heal My Injury Treatment Plan has been prescribed to help reduce the inflammation, improve function, and rebuild strength to the strained area.

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